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Best ways to get a toned and stunning figure for a bikini?

what are the best ways. im going away in july and i want a beach body to die for lol. im not huge or deadly obese or anything but i do appear to be abit chubby around the stomach, at the top of my arms and top of my legs. anyway yeah so ideas and best ways to lose weight...? also even though i want to lose weight how do i stop it from coming off certain areas i dont want it to??

thanks in advance :) xxxxxBest ways to get a toned and stunning figure for a bikini?
Hi there, i use a product that encourages lean muscle mass and disolves the fat. I started as a Bra 16DD and am now a 12E, kept the chest lost the rest around the back(fat). Have lost 104cm to date %26amp; 4 or so kg's. Brilliant for getting rid of hubbys love handles too! Take a look at Good luck - Also lost 8cm from my waist in 2 wks.Best ways to get a toned and stunning figure for a bikini?
Stay away from supplements and miracle pills. Acai berry? I'm sure it's good for you but it's not gonna miraculously transform your body into a muscular beach body. Do you think those celebrities with awesome bodies eat supplements and just sit around? NO they WORK FOR IT.

The only thing that will transform your body is a healthy diet (not LESS food) and routine exercise.

The best way to get toned fast is to do cardio. I suggest you start running. It is the best workout. It involves your whole body. You need to run for atleast 20 minutes straight for it to work.. to the point you start sweating, your blood is circulating all over your body, and you get this exhilerating feeling (but at first it'll be a 'dying' feeling).

Drink plenty of water.. to hydrate yourself, prevent muscle cramping, and release toxins (which will escape your body due to the blood circulation).

Keep up an exercise routine for the next two months and you'll be in top shape.
Diet pills are a waste of money bc they don't work. Diet pills can seriously harm your heart later on in life.

Best way to do it is naturally. Here goes:

Cut out processed foods like breads (anything made from white flour including pasta) and raw cane sugar(all sweets). These foods makes us fat and leave us hungry for more. No fast food, junk food, soda pop, ketchup, mayo etc...It's hard the first week and then you won't even crave junk food plus you'll feel so much better %26amp; energetic.

Eat fish, chicken, tuna, brown rice (1 cup) w/ veggies %26amp; salads. (salad dressing should be 1 tbsp olive oil w/ vinegar or fresh lemon squeezed) a bit of salt %26amp; pepper.

Eat fruits. Snack on carrots, celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, blueberries, strawberries, cantalope (low sugar fruits).

If you want juice; make fresh fruit juice instead of the ones at the grocery store. Make veggie juices too...they are so good %26amp; healthy. You can google for veggie juice recipes.

If you feel like having a nut have some almonds (15 of them) or walnuts (15 halves) or 1/4 c. of sunflower seeds. You have to watch the portions bc if you eat too much it turns to fat.

Exercise: Cardio like jogging, swim laps, fast pace walk, dance classes, running up %26amp; down the stairs, jump rope, volleyball whatever you like the best 5 xs a week 30-45 min. has a calorie counter, fitness tracker %26amp; exercise videos you may like this site.

Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily

Take a multi-vitamin daily

';Prepare'; meals ahead of time so you'll always have healthy meals prepared. You WILL lose weight/fat if you ';commit'; to this plus you'll feel better %26amp; more energetic.

P.S. I heard great fast weightloss reviews on the book ';The Fat Smash Diet'; by Ian King. It's a strict diet %26amp; cardio but really good. You may find it at the library if interested
leave the acai or whatever berry alone its bollocks and there is no such thing as a free trial

exercise and good diet is the key

there are so many excercise routines to choose from only you can decide
what I found helped me a lot was just including a few 'mini exersize sessions' every day... I could never be motivated to go to the gym for hours, so when I'm at home studying all day I just do 25 pushups or situps or crunches every once in a while (not excessively lol, maybe two or three such sessions a day). It's only one or two minutes of your time, but boy has it helped me tone up over the past months... SO worth it! :)

oh yeah and definitely eat well/regularly. that helps keep your body happy and it won't feel the need to store anything extra (I found).

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