Thursday, December 31, 2009

How do i figure out my menstral schedule?

ok, i already know that my period comes every twenty eight days, but do i start counting the days when my period begins or ends?

i just need to know b/c every other month an ovarian cyst ruptures, causing horrible pain, and also making it so i can't go anywhere that day.

thanks for ur help :)How do i figure out my menstral schedule?
Use the Kotex period calculator. Enter the day you started and the day you ended and it will predict the next start date. You can save it to keep multiple months on there. Also, you can make notes and say how heavy your flow was.How do i figure out my menstral schedule?
The counting for 28 days would start at the first day you started your period cycle for that month. I was confused at first too, and I was actually counting from the end of my cycles.

To keep track accurately, you should mark any days you expect to start your month-cycle. I like to do that so I can be prepared and not let the blood leak onto my pants.

And I'm really sorry about your ovarian cyst ruptures, i can tell it's really painful? I hope you'll be okay with that and if you can do anything about it, to fight it away fast! Well, good luck!
you start from the day your period starts.. count the days until your period starts the next month..that is the length of your cycle..
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