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How do you figure the date of your childs conception?????

When a doctor tells you how far along you are in your pregnancy how do they calculate to know??? I have not seen a doctor yet and I know the exact dates that I have had sex. I was wondering if there is any way I can figure at which time my child was conceived???How do you figure the date of your childs conception?????
There are a ton of online calculators, google pregnancy calculator and it will give you a list of them.

They have a great one at but I don't think that this one gives the conception date, it does tell you how many days, weeks, months, you are as well as how many more days you have to go. I check mine all the time!

It's under the week by week section.

This one will give you an estimated date of conception:鈥?/a>How do you figure the date of your childs conception?????
A doctor will use a typical pregnancy wheel that assumes you ovulated on day 14... if you know when you had sex you can tell him and he may then be able to adjust it... Do you use FAM or NFP? They're basically the same thing and they are NOT the rythem method. By charting (temp, cervical fluid, cervical postion) you know exactly when you ovulate. Day 14 is considered typical by most professionals, but a woman can ovulate at any time. Day 9, 14, 23... you never know. An excellent book is ';Taking Charge of your Fertility'; by Toni Weschler It's rated 5 stars on Amazon with over 900 reviews... check it out!
The doctor calculates using a special circular calculator using the first day of your last menstrual period. They calculate 40 weeks from that date.

You can't really know the exact dates of conception after the fact since everyone ovulates on different days. If you had an OPK or only had sex on one date, then you could pin point your conception date. Your cycle is different from my cycle and Sharons cycle is different from Jenny's cycle. The 28 days is an average and the 14 days before period for ovulation is an average. That is why the doctor uses an average to calculate the due date and only 5% of babies are actually born on their due date.

You can go on or and input the date of your period and get your due date before going to the doctor.
EVEN drs are off. THEy dont know exactly. BUT some are close.
they figure it out from the first day of your last period
they tend to go by the begining of your last period, so whatever your ovulation day was around that time is your conception date.鈥?/a>
the doctors estimate your due date by using a method called nagele's rule named after a german obstetrician, Franz K. Nagele. what they do to calculate your expected date of delivery is subtract 3 months from the beginning of your LMP and add 7 days to that date which gives you a 40 week due date. however babies are normally born from 38-42 weeks thats why they give you a 40 week due date for that two week margin. however, it is not possible to predict the exact date of birth with a high degree of accuracy. but this is the method the doctors use.
I work at an OBGYN office. There is a wheel that you can use to estimate the due date and from there you can estimate the date of conception. You start with the first day of your last period. Pretty much 2 weeks or so after that is when conception occurs on most people. However there are those that ovulate late and early. Ultrasound is the definate answer as to how far along you are because they actually measure the baby. Hope this helps
from the time of your last period beginning combined with the first ultrasound.... until you see a doctor you probably wont figure out the date of conception... and even then its not exact
you have to have known when you ovulate- it is 14 days before your period when you ovulate. however, when you are pregnant and don't get that period, you don't know when you ovulated. if you are pretty regular and get your period every 28 days counting from the first day of your period to the first day of your next, then you ovulate 14 days after your period, make sense? But, sometimes you could have sex and the sperm stay in your body for up to two or three days, so you could have sex one day and actually concieve three days if you are trying to figure out which romantic episode led to your bundle of's one of the great mysteries of life =)

The doctor will look at your sonogram and ask when you had your last period and spin this little cardboard wheel they have and tell what you what they think. I wouldn't trust 'em though, my son came a month earlier than they told me and he was a nice size and mature so I think they had the timing off....Good Luck

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