Saturday, December 26, 2009

What historic figure would you bring back from the past to give us a special message and what is the message?


To teach us to ask more questions, to know ourselves, to separate money from knowledge, and to live a philosophical life.What historic figure would you bring back from the past to give us a special message and what is the message?
I like Goldberry's answer, but I would bring back the Snake to get the truth about what happened, instead of ';he said'; and ';she said.';What historic figure would you bring back from the past to give us a special message and what is the message?
I would bring back Jesus Christ. He would be able to end the divisions within Christian and end Islam.

It isnt what you know - it is what you do
Although I'm not religious at all I would bring Jesus back so he could tell all hypocrites to stop building temples he told them not to, and stop harassing, persecuting or hurting people in his name. Unfortunately, I'm afraid he just might be crucified again!!!
Dr. King. Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last. Soon we will live in a world where all God's children will be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
Though I'm not religious, I'd pick Jesus.

I'm sure he'd have some choice words for many if not most of his current followers.
a bring a couple back

George Washington -talk about being one nation again and how important is is as Americans to stick to gather even if your not from the country or if your rich or poor doesn't matter

general George s Patton- talk about the military give hope to the nation again to support our soldiers and give them hope again

last would be

FDR he got the nation out of the great depression so his message would be on the economy and try to help us
I'm a Christian but I've always been fascinated with.

Leonardo Di Vinci. He was someone with vision and foresight and practical as to how to put what he had in his mind on paper and in some cases convert that to reality.

Jules Verne. What new books of the future would he write and what characters? He was always forward looking too in vision and purpose.

Nebuchadnezzar (during the time of Daniel) or Alexander the Greek. They were military leaders but understood how a conquered people could be a benefit to society as a whole and not to be chained or bound.

The wife of President John Adams. What kind of thoughts did she influence on her presidency on on her family so much that her son John Quincy Adams became a President as well. (Below is a link to all the President's wives). The message would be that with great freedom or power there is great responsiblity, not just to man, but to the powers that govern the fate of man on the earth He created.

Of course Jesus Christ. For him scriptural authority was converted into physical reality. Men need a premise for belief.
I would bring back John F Kennedy and his message would be that in order to save this country we need to be open and vote Barak Obama the next president of the United States of America
I'd bring back Adam and many people are hung up on the Bible and insist upon its meaning (according to their own perspective)....maybe they could tell us what really happened in the Garden of Eden......
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