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What is the surest way to figure out what job is going to be right for you in the future?

i am in the last year of high school and i am getting VERY stressed out about my future career. i used to think i wanted to become a psychologist, then i wanted to be a researcher, now i'm considering advertising, but i'm still having serious doubts. what can i do to finally reach a decision????What is the surest way to figure out what job is going to be right for you in the future?
RELAX! The first two years of college are for making these decisions. Take a career planning class that will teach you about your interests and skills. I took this wonderful test called the Myers Briggs personality index. I found it really interesting how it indicated my areas of interest so clearly.

Your decision doens't have to be final anyway. I started out going to college thinking about being an engineer. Then some life interrupted and when I went back to school, I got interested in chemistry. I thought maybe I would be a pharmacist.

Then I started working with computers and did that for many years. I went back to school and studied journalism and started working for a newspaper.

I moved to a new town and I'm currently looking for a small business to buy.

It's said that modern people now change jobs five times in their liftetime. Pick whatever interests you for the moment, take some classes on it, read some books, talk to folks who do that. If it's not the right thing, pick the next thing on your list and di all that over.

RELAX ;)What is the surest way to figure out what job is going to be right for you in the future?
The Right Task for Life?

Nothing is worse than having the wrong job! How do we know what task is good for us?

The Bio*Chakra Life Task NumbersTM can help us find our task in life! I am amazed of how well the Bio*Chakra Life Task NumbersTM work! I feel that every child, every person, should know theirs.

The Bio*Chakra Life Task NumbersTM are based on the ancient healing systems of early Christians, Mayans, Hebrews and others. They run from 1-13 and are determined by your birth date, by a special technique, at least concerning some numbers. They are different from the destiny numbers of numerology, going from 1-9, sometimes including 11, which may be reduced to 2.

The Bio*Chakra Life Task NumbersTM never change, are never reduced and are equally valuable, delightful and needed on earth. They give us the task we came here to earth to fulfill. Consequently, when we do this task, we become very happy, although we may at first feel, we cannot possibly do it. It is our Life Task to learn and be happy!

You may want to look at www.biochakra.com, click Hi-Lites; click Archives at the end of the monthly Hi-Lite article; click Cosmology, Energies and Numbers; and find Discover Your Bio*Chakra Life Task NumberTM. The article gives you more information about these numbers.

These numbers do not give us jobs like dentist, baker, or professor. They give us our Life Tasks. Why they work is not known, but they have worked for many people.

E.g. number 14 is The Light, number 2 The Comforter, number 6 The Prince/Princess. E.g. The Life Task of The Princess is, to bring delight into bad moods, tense situations and problems. One can do this as a counselor, minister, kindergarten teacher, bar tender etc. It is not the job as such, it is the way we go about our job, although some jobs may support or Life Task 100%, other may be only 30%. For example, The Hero, number 5, needs a job that includes mental and physical activities! A job as a clerk, sitting at the desk all day, would be detrimental for number 5. Number 10, The Host, likes to work with hands, with animals and the land. The job could be a cosmetic practitioner, a masseuse, a real estate person, a sculptor, a baker or a farmer.

I feel that especially with a new situation in life, we want to look at our Life Task Number!

A one page description of your Bio*Chakra Life Task NumberTM is available by mail. It gives the task with its temptations to avoid, but also names the Life Task colors and the Life Task relations, famous people who have the same Life Task number and have lived up to it or have not lived up to it.

You may want to get your Bio*Chakra Life Task NumberTM. It is available from Bio*Chakra MedicineTM, 5214 Lake Montezuma AZ 86342, USA, for $5, your birth date and a self-addressed envelope. For births around midnight the accurate time of birth is needed.

Example: After her divorce, a woman relocated and felt very lonely. She loved parties but did not know many people in her new location. She determined to write her doctorate, to include spiritual symbolism. She was amazed to find out how much she loved this work, it became her hobby and delight. Much later, she learned about her Bio*Chakra Life Task NumberTM, 7, The Dancer. She had lived up to the worldly part of The Dancer's Life Task (parties, being with people, the worldly dance) and then turned to the spiritual part, studying spiritual symbols and bringing their ancient meaning back (the spiritual ';dance';).

Some people say that they already live their Life Task and love it. Others find it through their Life Task Number.

Wishing you to learn to know your Bio*Chakra Life Task NumberTM!

Cordially, India.Magica

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