Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Im pregnant and im trying to figure out who could be the father?

My ovulation day was Feb 14. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on that day. Feb 17 We had unprotected sex again. Then on feb 19 i had unprotected sex with another man that wasnt my boyfriend. Now im pregnant and im trying to figure out who the babys father. So what is the chances i got pregnant on my ovalation day or a couple days later???.Im pregnant and im trying to figure out who could be the father?
Get a DNA test after the baby is born to be sureIm pregnant and im trying to figure out who could be the father?
Sperm can live up to 3-5 days inside you so chances are its probably your boyfriends baby. When you go to the doctor though and they tell you your due date you can ask when your conception date was to help you. If you're going to have unprotected sex then its best that you do that with one person instead of putting yourself at risk from sleeping around.
Hard to say really, you may have been a day or 2 late ovulating unless you had an ovulation kit? Why on earth did you have unprotected sex with another man when you aren't using contraception? Protected sex yes, if you feel the need, but OMG you are going to have some worries now who the baby is going to look like?
Unless you took an ovulation test you really can't be sure you ovulated on the 14th. That is a very small window to be certain who's child you are pregnant with. If you know 100% that you ovulated on the 14th, it would most likely be your BF's. But there will be no way to tell for sure until you get a paternity test. Sorry, that's a bad situation.
First off that was very un safe to do. Now your in this mess. Those days are very close to each other. Have you gone to a doctor? When was your last period? Usually doctors can tell how many weeks you are just by your urine and blood samples. They measure the hcg in them. First find out (from a doctor how far along you are) then take it from there.

Good luck
your boyfriend is ,since you ovulated on feb 14th and the fact that the egg doesnt last for more than 24 hours after being released,there r high chances the baby is your bf's.
Most likely, the father is your boyfriend. You can't get pregnant after your ovulation day provided you know for sure when it was.
ya bf as the egg only lives for 48 hours max. but tell ta boyfriend so he deserves to know the truth
How old are youu?

girl we all do have sex with other people but we protect ourself and i wish you had, but its really hard to tell by what you give us to work with :)

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