Monday, December 21, 2009

What historical figure has inspired you most?

PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER! What historical figure has inspired you most?
Jesus Christ - He is the ONLY one who died and rose again and He still lives.What historical figure has inspired you most?
Actually, Levitical, Jesus is NOT the only one who died and rose from the dead. You might want to read up on Mithras, Horus, and Tammuz.... all gods who preceded yours by a few thousand years.

As to the historical figure who inspires me... I have to say the explorers Lewis and Clark. They set off into the unknown wilderness and, through survival skills and diplomacy (and some dumb luck) trekked across the continent and back again. I'm inspired by their intelligence, resourcefulness, levelheadedness, and their open minds, learning new things, seeing new plants and animals, and being the first white men that some of the natives had ever seen.
As a Roman? Cicero, for showing why the republic was worth saving, and Augustus for saving it.

As a man of the world? Herodotus, who saw so ******* much.

As a novelist? Petronius and Longus, who showed me that novels about the Holy Mysteries could still be funny and sexy.
I get the feeling this is for homework...

Aristotle, because he's one of the founding fathers of righteousness in ancient Greece (They are the first to establish democracy. for all we know, that is)
Muhammad (peace be upon him) No one else was so successful on both the religious and secular levels, he taught hygiene, true monotheism, and proper government in the 600's C.E.
George Washington because he was my countries first president so he was the first to set an example of what a president should be able to achieve
George W. Bush.

He inspires me to not vote for any more idiots for president.
Saint Augustine

He is my Patron Saint

I chose him

I think everyone should study the life of St. Augustine

Gandhi. I am sure everyone has heard of his peaceful means to end British rule in India, and shame on anyone who hasn't.
Emily Dickinson.
Thomas Jefferson, cause he was a Unitarian like me!
No one.
Tore Hund ^_^

He killed a tyrannical King. YAY! lol
The Man With No Name.

He gets the job done and I like anti-heroes
St. Thomas because he has helped me realize what Jesus really meant.
Jesus Christ, and He needs no explanation. He is God.
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