Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Average level for 11 year old figure skater?

I am 11 years old. I am a figure skater. I started skating 3 years ago and I am passed freestyle levels. What do you think the average level for a 10-11 year old skater is? Should I be higher or am I at the right level?Average level for 11 year old figure skater?
If you are doing it because you love it, just keep going.

If you have any thoughts about competing, you should be headed toward the junior level competitions by now, and you need a good coach and daily practices. In addition, you would do best to be taking some ballet, gymnastics, Pilates, perhaps some yoga and/or martial arts to round out your training program.

It depends on what you really want and how much talent you are showing at this point. If you want to be the next Sasha Cohen or Michelle Kwan, you need to start really working now.Average level for 11 year old figure skater?
I'd say if you've been skating for about 3 years, you should have all your single jumps down, including axel and working on beginning doubles. It really depends on how much time you skate more than your age or how long you have been skating. For example, a skater (of any age really) who is taking group lessons for 3 years, but maybe only skates during their lesson and doesn't put in a lot of practice time will not be as advanced as a skater (of any age) who has been skating for 3 years taking private lessons and practicing about 3 days a week. If you're saying you have passed all the freetyle levels in the Learn to Skate program, I'd say you're doing just fine and right on track for someone skating for about 3 years. :) Keep up the good work!
There is no ';right'; level. I`m 13 and i`ve been skating for 2 yrs. Im now a pre-preliminary (thats were you go after Freestyle 6) You`re only 11 and you`re on the same level as me! I think your doing fine. Just imagine, if you work hard enough, you could be doing doubles even triples by 13! :)
you are SO lucky you started young, I'm 13 and would LIKE to be a figure skater but I'm only on level 3.

so I think that is GREAT for a 11 year old! keep the good work up! =D
Yeap.. 11 yrs old should pass freestyle... fs 4/5 would be good... Coz since u have been skating for 3 yrs... But it doesn't matter just do whatever u like ok? =]
Prelimanary, Pre- Juvenelle. Depends of how you skate. Thats what I am.
there's really no such thing as the right level
i say is good

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