Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How can i figure out my sexual orientation?

okkayy so ive been straight all my life but a couple weeks ago i dreamed of me and A GIRL I KNOW KISSSING! shes pretty but ahhh wtf is that suppose to mean? does that make me gay??How can i figure out my sexual orientation?
Nah just be your curious side at work and most will have this at some time in their life. It's one of those things that really make you scratch ya head. If you act on it then just maybe you are changing your orientation but will have to be in you first, as you will have been borne this way.How can i figure out my sexual orientation?
Well, it's not just black and white, you can like both boys and girls and don't think of it as you have to be straight or gay there is an in between.

Also, don't take the dream so seriously, dreams do mean something but not always in the way you think they do.

Don't base your sexual orientation on a dream base it on your attraction or lack of on how you feel towards the gender.

Good luck.
Yes. You are now officially homosexual.

not really

are you attracted to girls?

If so then yes, you are.

If not, then no..your not.
it does not make you gay, dreams are just pictures you're straighter than beyonce's teeth (=

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